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Data Appending and Verification

Data Cleansing

Industry-Leading Data Cleansing Services
Our Partners specialise in the data cleansing, updates and addition of contact points. State of the Art data validation and appending software keep businesses connected with their customers at every possible contact point: postal
address, home phone, mobile phone and email.

Bulk Address Cleansing
Our bulk address service includes; deceased suppression, goneaway suppression, de-duplication and movers identification.

Telephone Appending
Improve your telephone data with telephone appending service. Associate UK landlines and mobile numbers with your address data.

Save time and money by removing duplicate entries from your data.

Deceased Suppression
Remove deceased records from your data to avoid causing distress and reduce the risk of fraud.

Goneaway Suppression
Identify individuals in your data who have moved house.

Movers Address Update
Identify movers and update your data with their new residential address or business address

Data Validation Services

Industry-leading address postcode and telephone number validation services.
Maximise the quality of your customer data at every possible contact point: postal address, home phone, mobile phone and email, with our industry-leading data validation services.

Address Postcode Validation
Our address postcode validation services include real-time address capture, address cleansing and data appending.

Telephone Number Validation
Our telephone number validation solution provides industry leading data accuracy and compliance.

Enhance your email marketing lists with our valEmail email validation service
valEMAIL scores and reports the validity and deliverability of email addresses. Achieve higher customer response rates and sales conversions with accurate and deliverable email address data.
Our solutions keep your email data accurate by cleansing and verifying email addresses at point of capture, prior to campaign activity or within your current database.

Maximise Marketing ROI
Poor data quality will restrict the results of a marketing campaign and in turn have a negative effect on return on investment. The best possible data quality will return the best possible results; justifying the spend, the time and
your marketing role.

Maintain Data Quality
Customers and potential customers are the heart of a business and maintaining that relationship is paramount. In a digital society an email address is not only an important channel of communication, its also a link to a digital profile
and social interaction. Therefore, ensuring you collect and hold accurate email addresses plays an important role in your wider data strategy.

Best Practice
Email marketing has its risks, being blocked by internet service provides (ISPs) or shut down by email service providers (ESPs). The number one contributing factor to falling foul of email marketing standards is poor quality data. Avoid
a bad sender reputation by following best practice guidelines and validating your email addresses with valEMAIL.

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Anaconda Marketing Ltd
3rd Floor 120 Moorgate
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What is Email Appending
Email appending, often referred to as e-appending, is the process of appending email addresses to existing customer data. Usually the customers first name, last name and home address are used to match against a third party database of
opt-in address and email address data. Where a match is found the email address is appended to the customer database record.

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication channels for marketing and customer relationship management.
With the introduction of push notifications on smart phones, customers are more engaged with email than ever before. Email can also be used to target customers on Facebook and Twitter.


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